Circular Library

While some of the resources below are free, access to some of the reports and data will depend on the licenses that your organization has access to. Often university libraries will provide login information or access links to students and faculty. Some of the websites can be access through IP authentication if you are on the campus of an institution that has a license to the data provider.


  • American FactFinder

    • Demographics, housing characteristics, business and industry data

    • Census, survey, estimates, and projections

  • Consumer Expenditure Survey

    • Buying habits of American consumers

    • Data on expenditures, income, families, and individual consumer characteristics

    • Collected for the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau

Bureau of Labor Statistics
CPI, PPI, employment, inflation calculator, and much more

  • Consumer Expenditure Survey

    • Consumer spending by region, race, income, education, and occupation on various items such as apparel, food, fuel, furnishings, healthcare, entertainment, transport, insurance.

Consumer Behavior

  • Mintel

    • Consumer behavior and trends. Provides access to two products. Mintel Academic publishes 600 market research reports each year for the U.S. and European consumer markets. Reports analyze market drivers, trends, market forecasts, market segmentations, demographics, and consumer attitudes and purchasing behaviors. Mintel Market Sizes provides market size, market share and segmentation data for global consumer packaged goods industries.

  • Simmons Insights

    • Collection of national consumer studies about product and brand usage. Based on an annual survey of 30,000 households.

Spatial Visualization [demographics]

  • PolicyMap

    • An online data and mapping tool

    • Access to data about communities and markets across the US

  • SimplyAnalytics

    • Another online data and mapping tool

    • Compare variables, rank locations

    • Create a demographic analysis