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This new second edition of The Psychology of Entertainment Media: Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion provides a cutting edge look at how entertainment media affects its viewers, both in intended and unintended ways, and the psychological processes that underlie these effects. This collection represents an international, multidisciplinary investigation of an age-old process—persuasion—in a relatively new guise, that includes product placements, brand films, video games, and television programs.

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The Psychology of Design, Edited by Rajeev Batra (Editor), Colleen Seifert (Contributor), Diann Brei (Contributor)

Communicating Sustainability for the Green Economy, edited by Lynn R. Kahle and Eda Gurel-Atay

Cracking the Code: Leveraging Consumer Psychology to Drive Profitability, edited by Steven S. Posavac

Leveraging Consumer Psychology for Effective Health Communications: The Obesity Challenge, edited by Rajeev Batra, Punam Anand Keller, and Victor J. Strecher

The Handbook of Brand Relationships, edited by Debbie MacInnis, C.W. Park, and Joe Priester

Virtual Social Identity and Consumer Behavior, edited by Natalie Wood and Michael Solomon

- Abhijit Naskar,

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