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Other Announcements

Meta-analysis by Spike Lee

University of Toronto

July 1, 2021

My collaborators and I are conducting a meta-analysis of experimental research on the topic of cleanliness. If you have any unpublished experimental work that involves manipulating or measuring physical cleanliness/cleansing/purity/purification, would you mind dropping us a line at spike.lee@utoronto.ca by January 15, 2021? We’d love to include it in our meta-analysis.

ACR Submissions - Special Issue

August 20, 2020

The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research is seeking submissions for a special issue on Racism and Discrimination in the Marketplace. The issue editors are Jerome D. Williams, Samantha N. N. Cross, and Stephanie Dellande.

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ACR Fellows Award Call 2021

April 12, 2020​

ACR members are invited to send nominations for the Fellow in Consumer Behavior Award to the Fellows Nominating Committee. The ACR Fellow award is based on scholarly contributions. Nominees should have received their PhD at least 20 years ago. They should have been members of ACR for a substantial number of years, and they must still be living. Nominees should have shaped the field of consumer behavior and furthered the interests of ACR in significant ways.

Further information about the award and how to nominate an individual

Flash COVID-19 Research Issue

April 4, 2020​

The current humanitarian crisis related to the COVID-19 outbreak around the world presents unprecedented challenges to the global community that all constituents—governments, companies, nonprofits and citizens—are facing and grappling with.

JACR plans to publish a special Flash COVID-19 Research Issue to make available to the scientific community and to public and private sector decision-makers consumer insights based on empirical findings. The goal is to provide a platform for timely research that can be used to inform policies and to stimulate ongoing research related to how societies deal with pandemics.Accepted papers will appear as a supplemental section in the January 2021 issue. For this reason, the editors will only invite manuscripts for revisions that could be satisfactorily completed in one round. The submission deadline is July 6, 2020.

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Call for unpublished studies on the illusory truth effect

February 23, 2020​

We are currently carrying out a systematic map of the illusory truth effect, also known as the validity or reiteration effect. The goal is to provide the community with a summary of the research that has been conducted and to help direct future research.

We are looking for studies that manipulate repetition and then measure the effect on truth judgements. If you have completed such a study, please send it our way.

We are trying to collect as many “file drawer” studies as possible. So please share dissertations, conference papers and posters, rejected manuscripts, in-press publications, etc. If you are unsure whether or not your study meets these criteria, either contact us, or just send it anyway. We have hopefully found your study if it was published, but we'd be very happy if you contacted us to check! Please direct studies, leads, and/or questions to Emma Henderson.

Call for Papers: Scarcity & Consumer Decision Making (JACR)

March 24, 2020​

Consumers regularly face resource scarcity and/or reminders of resource scarcity, both in their personal lives and in the marketplace. However, fundamental questions related to the consequences of resource scarcity for consumer decision making remain unaddressed. The central goal of this special issue is to aggregate novel insights on this topic. We define resource scarcity broadly, as being a state in which a consumer experiences the sense that their resources are insufficient to meet their needs, goals and/or desires.

Deadline for initial manuscript submission: 06/01/2019

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