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Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP)

Announcement Regarding the New Submission Guidelines at the Journal of Consumer Psychology

Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann

In an effort to promote the quality, transparency, and reproducibility of the research conducted in the field of consumer psychology, the Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP) will change its submission guidelines as of January 1, 2014. JCP will now expressly require three types of materials upon manuscript submission:

  1. A detailed description of the study methods, analyses and results in the text or in a methodological appendix that is sufficient to allow for precise replication.

  2. A methodological appendix that contains the key stimuli and measures that were used in the research.

  3. Statements about the authors’ roles in data collection and analysis and affirmation of compliance with IRB and APA mandates regarding human subject protection and data sharing.

For more information see the new submission guidelines.


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